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Are You Thinking About Buying US Property In The USA?

If you are then fantastic as this is beyond doubt the perfect website to begin your quest for the right investment in US home property.

If your not thinking about getting into investing in the US market, you could be about to pass up an opportunity that may not come your way again. With market conditions dictating, that right now is the best time to be considering the US housing market for a savvy investment.

Average investment yields of after tax showing a 12% and up to even 15% returns annualised, you really need to get hold of the best advise available. And as I just mentioned this is after tax profit - what could be better?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, now is the right time to be getting in on this remarkable investment opportunity that abounds in the US property market. With the GFC now in a state post recovery, markets such as the share or gold markets are still proving difficult to make steady gains. There is probably no other market that is returning so strongly as the US housing market right now. It appears that the market has bottomed out and prices are starting to move in a positive direction, and this makes this investment opportunity, coupled with such a low risk - a true once in a lifetime chance at such high returns. So what has brought about this remarkable market condition that we are now witnessing?

As you may well be aware the "toxic mortgage fallout" of 2008 and beyond, lead to the collapse of many major US banks and a major US insurer. This has left many US banks with a massive liquidity problem. With too many risky properties on their books they are having to sacrifice them back into the market place just to get some cash out of them. This is not easy as money lending is tight which makes the cashed up investor a very happy person indeed. For example you can purchase a property for around the $40 thousand dollar mark, which previously would have been valued pre-GFC at $150,000 or more.

I can hear you, you are saying - "This sounds great!" - but hold on it is not quite as easy as it first appears.

Let's explain the process and the pitfalls... The investment market in the US property market is greatly different to the property market we are used to in Australia. You have to take into account careful economic and demographic calculations, if you wish to be backing a winner in the US real estate market.

For Aussies jumping in to make a killing, they need to have the assistance of a team of expert USA based advisers and professionals who understand the market intricacies like no other. And right now there seems to be no shortage of small companies sprouting up to make a quick cash grab from the unsuspecting Australian investors hitting up their websites.

Let's face facts - someone running a scheme based in Australia, trying to guide you remotely on properties bedded in US soil many miles away (yep no kilometres over there) can hardly be taken seriously, but many people are falling prey to their misguided attempts at property investment advice.

What you really need

What you really need is a competent team of US based expert advisers and professionals who can set you in the right direction in the first place.

Well no surprises here - US Invest are THAT team!

No one can match their market presence, market experience and reputation that is recognised across the industry. Your return on investment in going to have prospects of remaining high well into the foreseeable future by choosing to work with the best.

All the present indicators are that the market is bottoming out and now is your time to act. The US property market is ready to recover at some time in the near future and along with prices rising again, will be the diminishing quantity of quality, good value investment properties.

Acting quickly one can expect to get the best of what present market conditions have to offer. You really will be getting in on the ground floor of an unrivalled property investment opportunity in the US, that very few have seen before.

So You Want To Get Started - What is Your First Move?

With knowledge being key to making the best move here, you need to begin with the right advice on the right properties in the right locations.

As this is an overseas investment that you are thinking about, so it is fundamentally crucial to acquire the very best advice at your disposal. The team at US Invest are the established US home property investment authority that Aussie investors should be considering partnering up with, for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

You will have everything from the beginning to the end, overseen by the highly qualified professionals at US Invest, helping minimise your risk from the outset. Here's What US Invest Members will have access to:

  1. Exclusive Property Listings
  2. Expert Legal Advice
  3. Property Management

For your FREE US real estate investment pack, just grab this today and begin your exciting investment journey with US Invest today!

You can begin your US property market investment education right now by downloading our free gift to you. And best of all it is free and absolutely without any obligation whatsoever.

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