Providing in-house expertise for a seamless investment process

US Invest Services

Investment Property Management

Investment property management is one of the most important elements of owning a successful investment property.

Our partners perform thorough background checks on all potential renters, have the resources to tenant our properties at attractive rates, and manage the day to day operations of your property.

Quality property management is what makes buying property in the US a truly passive investment from the moment you acquire title.

Property Insurance

US Invest has negotiated for the best value in comprehensive property insurance to ensure your investment property is completely protected from day one at minimal cost. With our wide range of insurance options you can customize your level of coverage to suit your needs. Whether you are interested in renter's insurance, or protection from natural disasters, US Invest is able to provide the protection you need to feel secure in your investment.

Perhaps one of the most vital aspects of your investment, our property insurance makes sure you can rest easily, knowing your property is in good hands.

Pre and Post Property Services

US Invest has exclusive relationships with a wide range of quality trades companies to offer vital pre and post-purchase property services.

These partners include builders, plumbers, electricians, building inspectors, independent property valuers and a full range of specialist tradesmen.

Lawyers and Legal Structures

US Invest has established relationships with lawyers who specialize in local and international property law.

Through a long-standing relationship with our legal team you can be assured that our partners make our clients a top priority.

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Foreign Bank Accounts

As a client of US Invest, we assist you with the establishment of your full service American bank account. US Invest's relationship with financial institutions ensures that the process is completed usually within 2 business days.

Your US Invest account will include a debit card, internet banking, cheque books and full statements.

Accounting Services

We have engaged a team of accountants in Australia who offer comprehensive advice on the most effective tax structure to use for acquiring your property.

Our accountants also offer company registration services and will continue to assist with your tax returns year after year.